domingo, 29 de junho de 2014

Word in vain

Sometime we feel things which is not good for our health, and then, we try to get an answer that justifies everything that pass throughout our whole life. We have been smart enough to not understand the wisdom that we should have. It's so easy for good connoisseur.
The wisdom is more significant than the intelligence which we believe we have, because of this, I'm drinking the gulp that this winter has given me, I am writing to besides the insanity that exists in our literary vein, I'm reading my own mistakes in a poetic way, just to learn and internalize we must bear in mind that, how much more we make mistakes, we have more certainty about the right way to make a mistake, and every mistake is indispensable. I'm a right mistake for any poems, I'm a bird when it is flying inside of me.

Matheus Carmo

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